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Insurance/Billing common questions //

I got a statement from my insurance, is this a bill?

No. This statement is called an explanation of benefit (EOB). On this statement you can find details and charges of the services billed. The statement will include a patient responsibility portion, however this is not a bill. Our staff will send you a bill for the amount you are responsible for once we receive an EOB from your insurance provider.

Do you offer payment plans for treatments?

We understand that financial situations vary on an individual basis.  While we prefer to take payment in full at the time of service, we will certainly work with anyone that needs to set up a payment plan to get the care they need.

Will you bill my secondary insurance?

Yes, however this is dependent on your two insurance companies. If Medicare is the primary, Medicare will automatically send the bill to your secondary.


If you have any major medical insurance company as your primary and another for secondary (IE BCBS-primary and UHC-secondary), we can only bill your primary carrier. This is due to the time consuming process involved with this request and as we are relatively small office, we do not have the resources to this. We will however provide you with necessary forms to complete this task if you wish. 

Will Medicare cover my Chiropractic needs?

Yes, Medicare B covers 80% of the cost for manipulation of the spine. If you have a secondary insurance, they will typically pick up the remaining 20%. Medicare, however, will not cover anything else. The initial exam (which is required prior to treatment), and any other additional treatments are not covered by medicare, which makes these charges the responsibility of the patient. 


Additionally, Medicare only covers "active treatments", meaning the patient has pain or some form of dysfunction occurring. Once the patient is symptom free or stops improving Medicare considers this "maintenance care", which is not covered. Many of our patients will choose to continue with maintenance care once they are symptom free, but these treatments are the responsibility of the patient.

Most Insurances Accept //



  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • United Healthcare

  • Midlands Choice (Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, etc)

  • Medicare

Payment Types //

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Card (Visa, Discovery, Mastercard)

*Patients that elect not to use their insurance, will receive a 20% time of service discount. 

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