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Chiropractic Treatments for Headaches


Headache and migraine pains are a fairly common problem, prevalent in many different forms. For some, headache frequencies can be a few times a year, while others experience weekly if not daily occurrences of pain. The level of impact can vary from minimally to debilitating symptoms.These symptoms may be due to stress, injury, or nutritional deficits. When a patient new to our office presents with a headache, we start with a consultation and comprehensive examination to learn about the nature of your complaints. The goal of this is to understand what could be contributing to your headaches and correct the problem at the source.


3 Common causes of your headache and migraine symptoms

  • Stress

Stress can be present as either emotional or physical stress. Emotional stressors include the thoughts of daily burdens such as work, family, relationships, finances, etc. Physical stressors include the repetitive use of muscles/ joints, poor posture, extended positioning, etc.

  • Injury

Injures are bound to happen. Common injuries that lead to headache/migraine like symptoms include whiplash to the neck, falling onto the head or neck, etc. As a result of an injury, increased blood flow and swelling generally build pressure leading to headache like symptoms.

  • Nutritional Deficiency

Probably the most overlook potential cause is nutritional deficiencies. Its no secret that most American's do not eat properly, creating deficiencies and surplus's of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, water intake can play a large role in headache symptoms if the patient is dehydrated.


How we can help!

At Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center we are dedicated to finding the root cause of your headache/migraine symptoms. If would would like your headache/migraine symptoms evaluated with a chiropractic examination, please contact Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center today.

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